We do go the extra mile at Eastern Cape Hunters Safari Company, to reward you with the Trophy of your dreams and a lifelong memorable hunting experience.
To the dedicated trophy hunter, who allocates considerable time and funds to pursue his/ her trophy, it is very important to select the hunting area and time of the year so that the mission becomes rewarding.
The Eastern Cape region of South Africa is the fastest growing hunting region in the country! This is due to its diverse landscape, flora and fauna and the rich variety of indigenous game the region attracts as a result. More important, the region is Malaria Free and receives the highest rate of sunshine during the year in whole South Africa. Therefore, this unique combination offers the discerning trophy hunter plenty of game, in a secure and enjoyable platform. The chances of getting sick, wasting your time because of bad weather conditions and running out of the variety of game, are not common risks here in the Eastern Cape.

One other important choice that the trophy hunter needs to make for a successful safari, is choosing his hunting partner. One can have wonderful weather, plenty of game and a trophy size bull lying on the ground, but the memory of the experience is not the same if the Professional Hunter doesn’t feel like your best friend and doesn’t have the passion to share the same sentiments as you.

Your Professional Hunters, Jim Kumral and Neil Seady are dedicated hunters and have enjoyed the sport for many years. They offer their friendship together with their expertise to make your trophy hunting a rewarding experience.