As detailed in the Trophy Hunting section, Eastern Cape Hunters Safari Company is dedicated to offering you a rewarding Trophy Hunting experience.
Aside the trophy hunting for the collectors, Eastern Cape Hunters is specialized in “Non Trophy Hunts “as our unique"sporting program.

Non-Trophy Hunts can vary from a day’s hunt, to an unforgettable weekend getaway, or a week’s adventure. The hunt is organized for “below trophy size” plains game, consisting of antelope species indigenous to Eastern Cape, such as Kudu, Wildebeest, Springbuck, Impala, Bushbuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Duiker, Steenbok, Warthog, Bush pig, etc.

The Non-Trophy Hunts best serves hunters who wish to enjoy the hunting experience in Africa and don’t care about collecting trophies. In these hunts, the hunters do it the real way, by walking and stalking. They shoot with our fine selection of rifles, take pictures to record a lifelong memory, taste the meat of their hunt cooked at the camp fire and enjoy the magic twinkle of the African nights.

As the Sporting Hunts aim below trophy size bulls and rams and doesn’t involve trophy fees, CITES permits, taxidermy works, dipping, packing or shipping, etc. The costs are significantly less but are equally, if not more, enjoyable.

Day Fees include transfers to hunting concession, full board accommodation at the hunting lodge, hunting vehicle, tracker, taking picture of the hunt, tasting the game meat in front of the camp fire..